CakePHP DB2 driver alpha released

22 February 2007 » DB2, PHP

The CakePHP team has included the ibm_db2 driver that I submitted in the latest 1.2 development branch.

I’ve sent out a call for alpha testers to put it through its paces.

You can get up and running quickly by:

  • Extracting the sample application (thanks Nate) which provides a skeleton for working with CRUD operations and table associations (hasOne, hasMany, belongsTo, hasAndBelongsToMany) to your “app” directory.
  • Creating a database.
    [code lang=”sql”]
  • Creating the database tables from the DDL.
    [code lang=”bash”]
    [db2inst1@]$ db2 connect to cake
    [db2inst1@]$ db2 -tf db_test_db2.sql
  • Updating your database.php configuration.
    [code lang=”php”]
    // DB2
    var $default = array(
    ‘driver’ => ‘db2’,
    ‘connect’ => ‘db2_connect’,
    ‘host’ => ‘localhost’,
    ‘login’ => ‘db2inst1’,
    ‘password’ => ‘password’,
    ‘database’ => ‘cake’,
    ‘prefix’ => ”,
    ‘encoding’ => ‘UTF-8’
  • Retarting your Web server.

Please try it out and submit your bug reports to Trac with “DB2” in the title. Information on the particular database product, platform and version you are using would be helpful as well.

A DB2 driver for CakePHP

11 February 2007 » DB2, PHP

I’ve just completed the initial version of the IBM DB2 interface that I’ve written for the CakePHP framework.

This driver can also be used with IBM Cloudscape, Apache Derby, and Sun Java DB because it employs the same ibm_db2 PECL extension for connecting to all of these RDBMSes.

There are some wrinkles to iron out, so stay tuned. We’ll be sending out a call for alpha testers shortly.

PHP on the mainframe

09 February 2007 » PHP, System administration

The little language that could has made its way to z/OS. It’s an older PHP 5 release, but PHP 5 nonetheless.

I believe that makes it a clean sweep:

[Insert snarky comment here about lack of AHE hosting options or WSG documents for PHP applications.]