Dallas and St. Louis

30 May 2006 » Photos, Travel

I spent the last two weekends in Dallas and St. Louis, respectively.

My college frat brother Janet was married in Texas to my good friend Mike from high school. Unfortunately, I left my camera in my hotel room the day of the ceremony and reception, so my pics aren’t too hot. I wish Clive had done the same when karaoke broke out in the wee hours…

The trip to St. Louis involved a 19 hour, 1000 mile road trip on the way out from Connecticut, and a 16 hour return trip. I accumulated a bug collection the likes of which the Peabody would be proud. I prefer to forget all the time on the road, but Missouri itself was nice.

Published: Developing PHP Applications for IBM Data Servers

IBM has just published the Redbook that I wrote with a team of IBMers from across the globe in San Jose earlier this year.

The book had three goals; to demonstrate best practices for developing PHP applications with IBM database servers, to provide detailed instructions for administrators to set up all the required software, and to help users migrate from MySQL to DB2.

Developing PHP Applications for IBM Data Servers.

I expect you will all dedicate your long weekend to reading it. It makes an excellent beach or barbecue companion. :)

A proud moment for Finns the world over

22 May 2006 » Music, Potpourri

No longer will we have to endure the annual mockery that comes with inevitable American local news coverage of the wife-carrying contest. Finnish culture will now take its rightful place in the world. Hell f**ing yeah.

Writing SQL for both MySQL and DB2

05 May 2006 » DB2, MySQL, PHP, Web design

Migration guides and abstraction layers abound, but you may still run into some interesting behavior when porting or trying to run your queries from PHP for both MySQL and DB2 databases. To address some of these quirks, I’ve put together some tips for writing database independent PHP applications.