How can the Finnish Ice Hockey team not win Olympic gold?

23 February 2006 » Potpourri

“That’s not bad. You can always get new teeth.” Teemu Selanne, after losing three in the game against the US.

Note to self

10 February 2006 » Music

Do not listen to James Blunt first thing in the morning or before going to the gym. Or doing anything productive for that matter.

New York PHP Conference and Expo 2006

02 February 2006 » Media, PHP, Web development

NYPHPCon. Be there, or be sqrt().

The official announcement for NYPHPCon went out yesterday. The three day event in Manhattan has already picked up platinum plus sponsorship with keynotes from IBM and Oracle. The call for papers opens soon.

The initial schedule shows the topics and specific talks for each of the “.org” (technical) and “.com” (business) tracks.


01 February 2006 » Peeves

I hate those “Got milk?” ads with the white slime pasted on various celebrity upper lips. Ug.

Wikipedia rules

01 February 2006 » Potpourri

Never heard of noodling? Need a list of Finnish idioms?

IBM: Free DB2, Ajax Eclipse toolkit, PHP support

01 February 2006 » Ajax, DB2, PHP, Web design, Web development

IBM announced two more tools designed to pick up developer mindshare this week. First was the announcement about DB2 Express-C, a free, community supported version of the core DB2 product. Next up was this morning’s announcement about Open Ajax, a tool to be built for Eclipse to support rich application development.

IBM also signed on as a platinum plus sponsor for NYPHPCon in June, and is scheduling a lead-in presentation at NYPHP in May, strengthening its support for the PHP development community.

Exciting stuff…