IBM Redbook in San Jose

04 January 2006 » DB2, PHP, Writing

I recently found out that I’ve been accepted to work on an IBM Redbook on PHP and IBM databases during a six week residency in San Jose, CA from January 23 to March 3. Joy.

Old school

02 January 2006 » Football, Potpourri

Doug Flutie makes the first drop kick in 64 years. Amazing. This is particularly freaky since I was reading this article in the December issue of Maxim the day before while waiting for a haircut.

This alternative to a place kick is still technically legal – players behind the line of scrimmage can boot an impromptu field goal at any time. Old NFL footballs resembled a rugby ball, allowing for controlled bounces, and guys like Jim Thorpe kicked it regularly. The Bears’ Ray McLean converted it last on a PAT in the NFL championship game in 1941. Hey, Vanderjagt, why not kick like a real man?

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