Won’t somebody please think of the children?

29 December 2005 » Peeves

BabyCenter has the top 100 names of 2005. “Reagan” makes number 67. As a girl’s name. Not sure what’s going on with “Cadence,” “Peyton,” “Mackenzie” and “Mckenna” as female names either.

Yes, I think “Sharnobille,” “Bhopalyn” and “Harroseamus” are pretty names too, but there are certain limits that should be applied to what you call your child.

Peeve of the day

14 December 2005 » Java, JavaScript, Peeves, Web development

This one has been bugging me for a while, but with all the “Java is dead” chatter lately, I feel the need to point it out.

This follows on a discussion elsewhere about how people still confuse Java with JavaScript, despite their brief historical connection.

To clear up a couple more common misconceptions about the two languages…

  • Java is not an acronym (bad: JAVA)
  • JavaScript has a capped S (bad: Javascript, javascript, JAVA SCRIPT)

Ah. Feels good to get that one off my chest.