New version of WebSphere AS based on Apache Geronimo

I found out about Apache Geronimo and its soon to be released IBM version, WebSphere Application Server Community Edition recently. This is promising, a free J2EE (or JEE 4 or whatever it’s retroactively called these days…) compliant app server composed of Tomcat and friends. Exciting stuff.

Smooth transition

23 October 2005 » Network administration

Well, I suppose I’ll have to recant my earlier entry. I’m now in the new apartment with my Speakeasy DSL successfully transferred over and two days ahead of schedule. My router needed no new settings, and the static IP address remained the same. So all I had to do to get the sites below back on line was plug in the DSL modem, connect the router, and fire up my eServer (sans keyboard, mouse, and monitor).

DSL migration ahead

17 October 2005 » Network administration

It’s that time again. I’m moving and that means yet another transfer of my DSL service from one apartment to another. At least I know what to expect, though that never has eased the experience of the previous 4 times I’ve awaited DSL activation. I have abandoned hope. Expect,,, and others to be down till at least November to be on the safe side. $@#!.

The doctor is on.. line

17 October 2005 » Potpourri, Web design, Web development

My sister upgrades her Web site to reflect the new digs at Washington University in St. Louis. I provided the layout, PHP and MySQL do the rest. Score another one for easy to set up and maintain LAMP-based Websites.