July 26th

26 July 2005 » Politics

Some light reading for the holiday: 26th of July Movement, “History Will Absolve Me.”

And a nice little audio clip to go with it.

Black Sabbath rules

15 July 2005 » Music

I have redeclared Black Sabbath’s 1972 record Black Sabbath Vol. 4 the best album ever.

Lyrically it’s almost as good as Master of Reality, but with twice the random guitar solos and tinny drum outbursts. Good stuff.


15 July 2005 » Web development

Man, I don’t know what’s up with my typing lately, but I have misspelled “error” almost everytime I’ve typed it this month. And don’t get me started on “public.” I hope the JVM doesn’t think I’m a sketchball. It’s almost like a game of Mad Libs when I type up a method signature. And then there was that random mistyping of “this” today. I’m glad I caught that one before I sent the note…

Actually, that reminds me of a program I once wrote that parsed a DTD for its component elements. I had a static class called “TokenizeWrapper” and it returned a HashSet. I didn’t notice anything until a colleague jokingly told me to make sure there were no d(r)eadlocks in there.


14 July 2005 » Potpourri

“One time is chance. Twice is coincidence. The third time it’s a conspiracy.” What is up with all the Florida license plates on vehicles in the state of Connecticut this summer? I’ve seen at least one a day in June and July. Hmm. Meditate on this, I will.