Time for an upgrade

26 March 2005 » System administration

Wow, this site template and XML backend system just hit the three year mark. It’s still working well enough but I’ll hopefully put forth a proper blog-like system in the coming months.

Site migration from Solaris to Linux

25 March 2005 » System administration

As an addendum to my previous post, I’ve moved most of the web sites I host at home from a Sun SPARC workstation running Solaris 9 to a Linux server running SuSE 9.2 Professional.

No slight against Solaris, the new host is just a newer IBM eServer Xeon EM64T machine with more memory, disk speed, and processing power.

Uptime envy

25 March 2005 » System administration

These are the sort of things that’ll keep a man from upgrading his operating system. There must be a study somewhere plotting uptime pride in direct correlation to major version OS vulnerability.

Truck paid off

23 March 2005 » The truck

Joy. Today I made my final payment on my 2002 GMC Sierra. That sucker’s all mine now.