I hate livery cabs

28 January 2004 » Peeves, Writing

Halfway to SCSA

13 January 2004 » System administration

Sweet. Passed Part I. On to Part II.


06 January 2004 » Potpourri, System administration

I’ve been pretty busy studying for the Solaris 9 System Administration exams which I’ll be taking Monday morning. Not too busy that I could put off posting a SARS statement on the Civet Networks site though.

The New York Times today had a photo captioned, in part, “China started drowning civet cats, which have been linked to outbreaks of SARS, in a chemical solution before the animals were burned.” Damn.

New year, same crap

02 January 2004 » System administration

Wow, a new year already. TeamSite still sucks though.