Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 (1.4)

06 December 2004 » Java, Web development

Joy. I just passed the Sun Certified Programmer for Java 2 (1.4) exam this afternoon with a score of 88%.

Troubles with Solaris 10 on x86

03 December 2004 » System administration

As expected, the first couple attempts at putting Solaris 10 x86 onto my HP Pavilions didn’t go smoothly. Although one was already running a year old early release, the upgrade choked on the video configuration. The initial install on the other machine suffered the same fate. Both attempts failed with build 69, but last night I was able to get build 72 to work and will be doing the same for the other machine this weekend. Notes will be up soon, I promise…

Solaris 10 released

18 November 2004 » System administration

Solaris 10 came out earlier this week. Sun seems to really be pushing platform interoperability this time too. It wasn’t long ago that they were pronouncing Solaris x86 dead, but now they’re touting support for UltraSPARC (32 bit), SPARC64, AMD64, and x86 (32 bit).

Tonight I’m upgrading one of my scrap PCs to this latest version of S10 and installing fresh on another. I’ll have notes up soon.

Jon Stewart on “Crossfire”

16 October 2004 » Politics

Jon Stewart put “Crossfire” co-host Tucker Carlson in his place on CNN yesterday afternoon, check out the video or raw transcript.

Tucker has always reminded me of some folks that went to my college. It turns out he is an alumni after all. Egads.

Jakarta Struts is cool

18 August 2004 » Web development

I’ve finally had the chance to wrap my head around it… well less chose to than was forced to while building a custom servlet/JSP-based content management system.

Struts is one of those software packages (frameworks) that you realize the value of only after you’ve done it the hard way. It handles form processing and validation, file uploads and makes sense of all that MVC nonsense.

Indigo Girls suck

09 August 2004 » Music, Writing

I write about Chappy’s lack of tone in “Romeo and Juliet.” Chappy rebuts.

Connecting to CVS over SSH from WSAD

I’ve put together a walk through for configuring IBM WebSphere Application Developer and/or Eclipse to connect over SSH to a CVS repository server. I wrote it down for my own use because a lot of it was trial and error, but I hope it helps someone else as well.

Reagan, DC?

08 June 2004 » Politics

Ronald Reagan died last Saturday. At long last, they can name an airport or an aircraft carrier after him. Oh wait.

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