I’ve put together a simplified guide for installing Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Tomcat on Linux and Solaris. It’s not pretty, but it will get the job done.

JavaScript debugger

03 September 2003 » JavaScript, Web design, Web development

The best thing since sliced bread. Well, at least if you work with JavaScript all day.

New York Front End

12 August 2003 » Web design

I had been kicking around the idea of a metro area CSS/JavaScript user’s group based on the NYPHP model for sometime. The result is New York Front End.

Mac OS X screenshots (again)

01 August 2003 » Web design

Wow. Mac OS X screenshots blow me away (again). Even the low quality ones.

Lots of news

Lots of fun news today. StrongBrain goes semi-production, the CSS Zen Garden continues to rock, the Bush administration admits to its lies about Iraq, and I type my first update on my new computron.

RD Finance site goes live

04 June 2003 » Web design, Web development

The minisite I built for Reader’s Digest Financial Services went live today.

SARS and the civet

23 May 2003 » Potpourri

It seems SARS has been linked back to the civet in China. Of all the random, obscure animals to name my freelance corporation after. Any new hits are good hits, I suppose.

Anti-war rally

24 March 2003 » Photos, Politics

United for Peace in New York. My photos of the anti-war rally in NYC.

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