Happy New Year

30 December 2002 » Web design, Web development

It’s not often you get laid off, land a better job within two weeks, and then your former employer calls you in again as an outside consultant. Happy New Year to you too!

XHTML upgrades

09 December 2002 » Web design

Having some time off between contracts has been good for me: krook.net, civet.net, kalax.com, womentopolitics.org, and strongbrain.org are all now now XHTML/CSS compliant; the cw.krook.org site is actually XHTML Strict compliant; I’ve been able to catch up on my on-line Intro to Java class; and I’ve starting putting together some documentation on integrating Tomcat 4.1.12 with Apache and IIS.

First snow

05 December 2002 » Potpourri

Snow in NYC. Ironically, today would have been the first day I would have needed the 4 wheel drive on my new truck for the commute to my job in Chappaqua, 33 miles north of the city. Unfortunately, that contract expired last week.