Hosting at home

Thanks to, I have been able to open my home Dynamic IP DSL LAN to the Internet. I’ll soon have my dedicated Solaris 9 box on-line to serve pages (Solaris 8 has so far been a pain to configure…). In the meantime you can check out the fantastic pages currently served up by Mac OS X and by Solaris.

WSP relaunched

11 June 2002 » Web design

The Web Standards Project has been reborn with a clean, new, CSS only design.

Stray from the Heart

10 June 2002 » Web design, Web development

The administration panel being built for is nearing completion. Check out a screen shot in PNG format.

Women To Politics

04 June 2002 » Politics

My sister has decided to compile some resources and create a web site called Women To Politics. Keep an eye on the site (PHP/MySQL) as it evolves. Her current personal site is here.