Tahoma and Tarball

28 January 2002 » Cats

Adopted two new kittens this weekend, Tahoma and Tarball. Pictures one, two, and three.

PHP/MySQL sites

23 January 2002 » MySQL, PHP, Web design, Web development

The krook.net redesign has been forestalled yet again. I am currently working on four PHP/MySQL projects: StrongBrain.org, RantRave.com, StrayFromTheHeart.org, and Kalax.com. If they go well, I may abandon my present XML backend project and upgrade to a MySQL or PostgreSQL backend for this site.

Bad router?

For some reason I’m having trouble FTPing to this site from home. I think it has something to do with packet checking by my host’s new Sun Solaris server on the data coming from computers behind my firewall. This may not bode well for my own Sun machine which I’ve been intending to use as a PHP/JSP/PostgreSQL staging server once I upgrade to static IP DSL.

New truck

04 January 2002 » The truck

Damn, this site is still waiting for a relaunch… Other things have come up: my 1991 Chevrolet S-10 – which replaced my 1981 Chevrolet S-10 – has itself been replaced with a 2002 GMC Sierra pick-up, which has 34% more rock and dirt carrying capacity. Joy.