Happy New Year

30 December 2002 » Web design, Web development

It’s not often you get laid off, land a better job within two weeks, and then your former employer calls you in again as an outside consultant. Happy New Year to you too!

XHTML upgrades

09 December 2002 » Web design

Having some time off between contracts has been good for me: krook.net, civet.net, kalax.com, womentopolitics.org, and strongbrain.org are all now now XHTML/CSS compliant; the cw.krook.org site is actually XHTML Strict compliant; I’ve been able to catch up on my on-line Intro to Java class; and I’ve starting putting together some documentation on integrating Tomcat 4.1.12 with Apache and IIS.

First snow

05 December 2002 » Potpourri

Snow in NYC. Ironically, today would have been the first day I would have needed the 4 wheel drive on my new truck for the commute to my job in Chappaqua, 33 miles north of the city. Unfortunately, that contract expired last week.

Good week

07 November 2002 » Potpourri, Travel, Web design

It has been a great week. In addition to grinning non-stop for more personal reasons the past few days, I attended MTM yesterday, where Web Standards guru Jeffrey Zeldman spoke and I scored my (distant) second best lunch of the week. Later this morning I fly to Colombia to see my “sister” married.

Community radio

14 October 2002 » Community, Media

WBAI, the NYC affiliate of Pacifica Radio and local community radio station, is doing a pledge drive to kick off its new year of programming. You can score some great audio and video recordings of Noam Chomsky, Fidel Castro, Scott Ritter and more with your donation. Listen in at 99.5 FM or stream it over the web.

PATRIOT act orders school to remove link

26 September 2002 » Politics

Citing the USA PATRIOT Act, the Che Cafe at the University of San Diego has been ordered by the University to remove a link to the website of the FARC, the main rebel group in Colombia. CNET has the story.

Wedding in Colombia

23 September 2002 » Potpourri, Travel

Joy, I am heading to Cali, Colombia for my pseudo-sister’s wedding in November.

StrongBrain comes home

14 September 2002 » System administration

As of this morning, I am hosting StrongBrain off my Sun machine at home. It was an easier process than I anticipated, so I might try to save a few bucks and move some more of my outsourced sites over as well.

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