Transition to XHTML

02 September 2001 » Web design

Now that Netscape 6.1 and Internet Explorer 6 are out – both of which are truly impressive and quite stable – I’m going to be transitioning most of my sites to full XHTML 1.0 and CSS 1/2 (still keeping tables though) compliance. Of course, since my pages at PlayaGiró are visited mostly by foreign guests, I’ll be making sure they remain backward compatible to provide a consistent user experience.


02 September 2001 » Web development

Continuing work on the Mega-Cities events calendar and publications ordering system. It’s been tough – although we have access to the great potential of SQL Server – because I can’t find a way to create tables and alter columns in the database without resorting to raw SQL commands, half of which Microsoft hasn’t chosen to have conform to ANSI/ISO SQL standards anyway. Anyone know of a good ASP-based, web interface to SQL Server?

New Civet Networks design

01 September 2001 » Web design, Web development

I just rebuilt the Civet Networks site. It’s more professional now and I’m going to be using it as the economic appendage of the Krook Network. Hopefully it’ll give me a façade of professionalism for those interested in hiring me as a freelance web developer.