New Reader’s Digest splash page

15 August 2001 » Web design

The splash page I built for Reader’s Digest went live a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, the design’s ugly, but from a purely technical standpoint it’s some of the most standards-compliant code I’ve writ to date.

New host for StrongBrain

01 August 2001 » Web design, Web development

StrongBrain just got its DNS resolved to a new host. Now that we have a MySQL database, the world is our oyster. I’ll be adding a better forum and article management system in the coming weeks, as well redoing the site with more standards-compliant HTML.

Mega-Cities apps

01 August 2001 » Web design, Web development

I’m working on some Mega-Cities web applications. The organization is interested in having a content management system built (so they can add events to the calendar and edit their own content) as well as some other general upgrades.