New site technology

19 December 2001 » Web design, Web development

Currently working on a redesign and reorganization of this site using XML on the back end now that my host has upgraded to PHP 4. On the front end, I’m transitioning the markup to XHTML. Hopefully I’ll roll out the new site at the end of December after I’ve had time to commit to completing the project over the holiday week.

Transition to XHTML

02 September 2001 » Web design

Now that Netscape 6.1 and Internet Explorer 6 are out – both of which are truly impressive and quite stable – I’m going to be transitioning most of my sites to full XHTML 1.0 and CSS 1/2 (still keeping tables though) compliance. Of course, since my pages at PlayaGiró are visited mostly by foreign guests, I’ll be making sure they remain backward compatible to provide a consistent user experience.


02 September 2001 » Web development

Continuing work on the Mega-Cities events calendar and publications ordering system. It’s been tough – although we have access to the great potential of SQL Server – because I can’t find a way to create tables and alter columns in the database without resorting to raw SQL commands, half of which Microsoft hasn’t chosen to have conform to ANSI/ISO SQL standards anyway. Anyone know of a good ASP-based, web interface to SQL Server?

New Civet Networks design

01 September 2001 » Web design, Web development

I just rebuilt the Civet Networks site. It’s more professional now and I’m going to be using it as the economic appendage of the Krook Network. Hopefully it’ll give me a façade of professionalism for those interested in hiring me as a freelance web developer.

New Reader’s Digest splash page

15 August 2001 » Web design

The splash page I built for Reader’s Digest went live a couple of weeks ago. Yeah, the design’s ugly, but from a purely technical standpoint it’s some of the most standards-compliant code I’ve writ to date.

New host for StrongBrain

01 August 2001 » Web design, Web development

StrongBrain just got its DNS resolved to a new host. Now that we have a MySQL database, the world is our oyster. I’ll be adding a better forum and article management system in the coming weeks, as well redoing the site with more standards-compliant HTML.

Mega-Cities apps

01 August 2001 » Web design, Web development

I’m working on some Mega-Cities web applications. The organization is interested in having a content management system built (so they can add events to the calendar and edit their own content) as well as some other general upgrades.

PlayaGirón launched

30 July 2001 » Web design

PlayaGirón is done and quietly launched on July 26th, the Cuban national holiday. It still needs a snazzy logo and clean left nav though. Any suggestions?