After noticing a slight uptick in hits to a document on my own server from my article on Pairing J2EE with PHP to implement a common Web application infrastructure, I discovered that the article was linked from Slashdot this weekend. Not the main page unfortunately, but the Developer subsection. Cool nonetheless. :)

Article published in IBM WDTJ

An article I wrote for IBM’s developerWorks site went live this week with the May issue of the IBM WebSphere Developer Technical Journal.

The article argues that while PHP and WebSphere are generally considered competitors, they can work together to support a common type of application. The article covers the roles of a web application, where PHP and WebSphere fit in, and how to install them together with Apache and DB2 on a Linux server. I also provided a sample application as a proof of concept. The example code consists of a J2EE Struts application which serves as a content management system to a PHP-driven public website.

Adding PHP support to IHS

02 February 2005 » IHS, PHP, System administration, Writing

I’ve put together a guide on adding PHP 5 support to IBM HTTP Server. This walk through will help you configure a combined LAMP and J2EE development server.

Indigo Girls suck

09 August 2004 » Music, Writing

I write about Chappy’s lack of tone in “Romeo and Juliet.” Chappy rebuts.

Connecting to CVS over SSH from WSAD

I’ve put together a walk through for configuring IBM WebSphere Application Developer and/or Eclipse to connect over SSH to a CVS repository server. I wrote it down for my own use because a lot of it was trial and error, but I hope it helps someone else as well.

Not this time

25 February 2004 » Politics, Writing

Not This Time. Ralph, it’s too damn important.

I hate livery cabs

28 January 2004 » Peeves, Writing
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