Ajax in ads

23 January 2006 » Ajax, JavaScript, Web design, Web development

In the time period that I transitioned from being a front-end developer, specializing in XHTML, CSS and JavaScript, and a back-end developer working with Java and DB2, Ajax has gained prominence. I suppose it snuck up on everyone, but it kind of makes me feel vulnerable because I had I thought I was Johnny-on-the-ball with client-side code.

Anyway, I picked up Ajax in Action to get myself back up to speed, which has been quite enlightening, and it casts light on what fools we have been in our approach to HTTP-based Web applications (think about all the wasted bandwidth re-transmitting boilerplate template code for each page of your site).

On the other hand, I fear the coming onslaught of advertisement based on Ajax patterns. Think about it. You use your keyboard for anything with a JavaScript-enabled Web browser window open, and it will likely fire an event, which an embedded ad could capture to reload a (possibly hidden) section of the page, and kick off another request. Some of this is mitigated by JavaScript’s inherent security constraints pertaining to cross-domain communication, but ad folks are nothing if not innovative in their use of emerging technologies.

What examples of Ajax ads have you seen in the wild? Where do you think that Ajax’s promise is most vulnerable to being stifled by malpatterns?

Peeve of the day

14 December 2005 » Java, JavaScript, Peeves, Web development

This one has been bugging me for a while, but with all the “Java is dead” chatter lately, I feel the need to point it out.

This follows on a discussion elsewhere about how people still confuse Java with JavaScript, despite their brief historical connection.

To clear up a couple more common misconceptions about the two languages…

  • Java is not an acronym (bad: JAVA)
  • JavaScript has a capped S (bad: Javascript, javascript, JAVA SCRIPT)

Ah. Feels good to get that one off my chest.

JavaScript debugger

03 September 2003 » JavaScript, Web design, Web development

The best thing since sliced bread. Well, at least if you work with JavaScript all day.

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