The eventual JavaScript presentation

31 March 2006 » Ajax, CSS, JavaScript, Web development

According to my CVS repository, I’ve intended to do a presentation titled “JavaScript: Beyond Copy & Paste” since the end of August 2004. I came pretty close to doing it for New York PHP in early 2005, but I believe we had a compelling speaker step up with a topic more relevant to the PHP community.

This was around the time that the term Ajax was coined, and it might have been a timely presentation. Alas, I missed that train and I let the outline languish.

Recently I came across “A re-introduction to JavaScript” at the Mozilla Developer Center, and I realized that maintaining the original outline might still hold some value, gauging by the popularity of this resource.

So, since I now have a blog infrastructure that supports comments – though I suppose a Wiki might make more sense – I’ve decided to post the outline as it looked last June, and solicit updates and comments for it. I may end up doing a presentation on it some day, but I don’t mind if someone else runs with it or uses it as a base for their own work, so here it is:

JavaScript: Beyond Copy & Paste