New York Front End

12 August 2003 » Web design

I had been kicking around the idea of a metro area CSS/JavaScript user’s group based on the NYPHP model for sometime. The result is New York Front End.

Mac OS X screenshots (again)

01 August 2003 » Web design

Wow. Mac OS X screenshots blow me away (again). Even the low quality ones.

Lots of news

Lots of fun news today. StrongBrain goes semi-production, the CSS Zen Garden continues to rock, the Bush administration admits to its lies about Iraq, and I type my first update on my new computron.

RD Finance site goes live

04 June 2003 » Web design, Web development

The minisite I built for Reader’s Digest Financial Services went live today.

Happy New Year

30 December 2002 » Web design, Web development

It’s not often you get laid off, land a better job within two weeks, and then your former employer calls you in again as an outside consultant. Happy New Year to you too!

XHTML upgrades

09 December 2002 » Web design

Having some time off between contracts has been good for me:,,,, and are all now now XHTML/CSS compliant; the site is actually XHTML Strict compliant; I’ve been able to catch up on my on-line Intro to Java class; and I’ve starting putting together some documentation on integrating Tomcat 4.1.12 with Apache and IIS.

Good week

07 November 2002 » Potpourri, Travel, Web design

It has been a great week. In addition to grinning non-stop for more personal reasons the past few days, I attended MTM yesterday, where Web Standards guru Jeffrey Zeldman spoke and I scored my (distant) second best lunch of the week. Later this morning I fly to Colombia to see my “sister” married.

Mac OS X screenshots

07 August 2002 » Web design

Wow. It just amazes me how beautiful an average design can look in IE 5.2 on Mac OS X. A bluebird. An oriole.

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