Back in Silicon Valley

21 April 2006 » Potpourri, Travel, Web development

Wow. You seriously cannot throw a rock in Cupertino, Sunnyvale, or Santa Clara without hitting an IT company office building. I passed countless one story complexes on an ill-fated trip to find a supermarket in the area tonight, and accidentally ended up in an Infinite Loop last night after overshooting the driveway to the place I was going to have dinner.

Update: I’ve added pictures from my trip to Sonoma to the existing California gallery.

The Long Morrow

22 January 2006 » Travel

I just got into San Jose for a six week project. It was pretty bizarre to fly six and a half hours laterally and only land 3 time zones away, but has been nice because there’s not much jet lag. I guess I always equated one hour of flight per timezone, but I can see why flying to Scandinavia tends to shortcut a lot of longitude.

Next mission: Jack in the Box.

Good week

07 November 2002 » Potpourri, Travel, Web design

It has been a great week. In addition to grinning non-stop for more personal reasons the past few days, I attended MTM yesterday, where Web Standards guru Jeffrey Zeldman spoke and I scored my (distant) second best lunch of the week. Later this morning I fly to Colombia to see my “sister” married.

Wedding in Colombia

23 September 2002 » Potpourri, Travel

Joy, I am heading to Cali, Colombia for my pseudo-sister’s wedding in November.

Cross country roadtrip

29 July 2002 » The truck, Travel

Just got back from my road trip to the Open Source Convention in San Diego. I drove from New York City 5,500 miles round trip in a total travel time of 123 hours, which includes sleep and stops for gas.

Included in that was a straight 19 hour drive across half the country in one sitting, 1,400 miles from Nebraska. More details later…

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