Refueling like it’s 1989

17 February 2009 » Photos, Politics, The truck

Well, the important thing is that I didn’t lose money by trading in my truck for a Prius, and that there are other incentives for developing alternative fuel sources.

$1.01 gas

A new tonneau cover for the Frontier

14 August 2007 » Photos, Potpourri, The truck

This past weekend I installed a hard tonneau cover on my Nissan Frontier pick-up truck. I had been meaning to do it for quite some time, but choosing the right cover has been a challenge.

Nissan sells both a factory hard tonneau and a soft cover tonneau but neither is cheap nor easy to install and remove. The many independent hardware vendors sell hard and soft covers which never quite fit my needs.

After several fits of research over the years, I found a company called Lazer Lite that makes a nice hard aluminum cover which opens with the help of a pair of hydraulic struts. It also removes easily and doesn’t take up much room in the bed itself.

Cat ordered one for me as a surprise for my birthday, and although it took a while for Lazer Lite to build and ship, I’m pretty damn happy with the cover and the customer service we received.

If you’re in the market for a tonneau, I highly recommend Scott and the folks at Lazer Lite.

Here’s some before and after pics of the cover on my truck.

Effective metaphor, questionable word choice…

11 November 2005 » The truck

The new Frontier

18 September 2005 » Photos, The truck

Some pictures of the new Frontier.

Truck swap

02 August 2005 » The truck

I just traded in my 2002 GMC Sierra for a somewhat more practical 2005 Nissan Frontier. This is the first vehicle I’ve owned that had power locks, power windows, and a back seat. There is much to get used to…

Truck paid off

23 March 2005 » The truck

Joy. Today I made my final payment on my 2002 GMC Sierra. That sucker’s all mine now.

Cross country roadtrip

29 July 2002 » The truck, Travel

Just got back from my road trip to the Open Source Convention in San Diego. I drove from New York City 5,500 miles round trip in a total travel time of 123 hours, which includes sleep and stops for gas.

Included in that was a straight 19 hour drive across half the country in one sitting, 1,400 miles from Nebraska. More details later…

The truck arrives

06 May 2002 » The truck

The successor [2002/2002] and successee [1991/1996-2002] of Dan’s truck dynasty. Oh, and here’s gramps [1981/1993-1995].

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