CommunityOne East roundup

The network is the computer… finally? It seems that Sun’s motto comes full circle, and perhaps confirms their business plan all along.

I attended Sun’s CommunityOne East in Manhattan last Wednesday and cloud was the word of the day. It was also an apt term to describe IBM’s vague overture towards the hardware/software stalwart that morning.

I didn’t walk away from the conference with specifics about the new buzzword, but I do appreciate that it captures some of what IBM has been doing, and therefore reveals a rare bit of consensus among the major vendors:

Other notes from the sessions I attended:

  • OpenESB: Connecting Enterprises: Sang Shin is an excellent instructor and firmly placed three technologies I’m evaluating for some current business needs… BPEL, WSDL, and SOAPui. Despite the compelling demo of NetBeans, I missed the actual server side / asynchronous implementation that is the promise of the ESB.
  • GlassFish v3, OSGi, Java EE 6 Preview and Tools (Eclipse, NetBeans): JEE 6 was introduced in the context of GlassFish 3. There still seems to be some work to get the standards settled any time soon for implementation in WebSphere 8. I look forward to the annotation-based and modular approach of the new standard.
  • Dynamic Languages: The Next Big Thing for the JVM or an Evolutionary Dead End? Chris Richardson reaffirmed some of my observations about Groovy… while cool, it may be the overly rebellious offspring of a middle-aged Java; Brilliant in flashes, but not quite predictable enough to bank on. Scala, however, seems to have lots of promise.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t attend Hans’ presentation on MySQL and PHP – State of the Union, but it appears to have been well received. In fact, you might expect a reprise at NYPHP’s June 23rd meeting.

Pimp my SPARC

09 January 2007 » Solaris, System administration

There’s a great thread going on over on the Suns-at-Home mailing list about case mods to old workstations built by Sun Microsystems.

Suns-at-Home has been catering to the foolish among us for almost 20 years who couldn’t resist picking up outdated Sun hardware – known for its high-end enterprise applications – and seeing if we could apply it towards some domestic purpose, however impractical it may be.

> To summerise, what other ways can one with too much time
> pimp out their sparc?

Trying to imply a machine is fast with neon lights, flame jobs, glowing
skulls, etc. is not going to fool anyone into thinking these machines
are fast.

We’re fans of slow machines, and we should embrace that by evoking the
visage of shambling zombie hordes. This is probably best accomplished
by riveting hunks of meat onto the side of the case and take a more
organic approach to case modding. Within 2 or 3 days you should have a
pretty clear indication that the zombie motif is working. Inside of a
week the neighbors will be asking if you’re keeping a dead cat in your home.

Are we not, after all, keepers of the undead? Caregivers to the
carcasses that IT managers of old have long since given up for deceased?

I thought my abandoned E450s were already living the life as barstools in my friend’s basement-turned-nightclub. Now I’m thinking fishtank or speaker upgrade…