26 June 2007 » Potpourri

Wow, it has been a whole month since I last posted. It’s been an eventful one for sure though.

In May, Cat and I got engaged and made plans to get married in November. We did in fact use the Star Wars picture on our save the date cards, but Family Guy might have fit the bill as well. :)

My sister got married in mid-June, which meant many old friends and relatives from Finland were in town. Her husband’s family and cohorts from Britain were also around which made for a good time.

Lot of folks stuck around for the following day when I turned 30. KrookFest has never seen a more random crowd.

Towards the end of May and early June, I had also been working most of my time on some new features for, described below.

Kathy Sierra and the Blogger’s Code of Conduct

The blogosphere was aflutter last week after a slew of nasty comments and death threats were leveled at one of my favorite authors, Kathy Sierra of Head First fame, by one or more anonymous posters on her blog and in other high-profile forums.

Kathy’s reaction to the punks (and the owner’s of the sites themselves) was covered on Slashdot and even hit the BBC. CNN was slated to air a segment on it this morning.

The incident spurred a call for a “Blogger’s Code of Conduct,” and Tim O’Reilly has led the way with a first draft on his blog. Mostly common sense I suppose, but still a good start and cause for reflection when posting or replying to blogs.

In any case, I hope to see Kathy back and writing soon. Readers like myself owe much to her ability to help us understand complex software development concepts through humor, and to drive the point home by involving beer consumption as the logical end goal of any proper sample application.

The San Diego Zoo and Disneyland

01 March 2007 » Photos, Potpourri, Travel

Cat and I spent a long weekend in Southern California. We managed to pack in the San Diego Zoo, La Jolla, Carlsbad, Hollywood, Beverly Hills, and Disneyland.

We’ve still got about 500 pictures to sort out, but my favorites are the two we didn’t take:

At the zoo. At Disneyland.

Biblical creationists and the evolution of the bible

25 January 2007 » Potpourri, Writing

A thought occurred to me on my commute to work this morning.

How can it be that the very folks who claim that the Bible is the Word of God to support their claims of Intelligent Design against Evolution cite a document that has itself gone through so many adaptions, translations, and editions?

I probably first thought about it after seeing a special on the History Channel last year called “Who Wrote The Bible?” That episode discussed how and why certain books were shuffled around to comprise the Bible at certain points in the past.

Growing up Lutheran, I suppose I knew that we were always working with a doctored copy but never really understood how fundamentally it had changed.

Anyway, I don’t want to acknowledge that there’s a debate by providing an argument, but I think the irony here might be fun to explore.

Let me meditate on this some more.

Until then, go in peace, serve the pasta.

Post-mortem: The 2006 New York Giants

08 January 2007 » Football, Potpourri

It seems the 1990 season of good breaks finally caught up with the Giants. That year, everything went right for Big Blue, from a last minute bomb from backup Jeff Hostetler against Phoenix to a missed field goal by Buffalo kicker Scott Norwood in the Super Bowl.

This year, they were finally put out of their penalty-ridden, injury-laden misery by the Eagles on a last second kick by David Akers in the first round of the NFC playoffs. Which is for the best, I think, because my blood pressure can return to normal and I can again enjoy watching football in the coming weeks.

Without Tiki Barber, the offense will be missing one of the best backs in the NFL, but by trading Eli Manning (please!) for one or more more promising offensive players, I’m sure the Giants can put together a more disciplined unit in 2007. Maybe even behind short yardage star Jared “The Hefty Lefty” Lorenzen… :)

A proud moment for Finns the world over

22 May 2006 » Music, Potpourri

No longer will we have to endure the annual mockery that comes with inevitable American local news coverage of the wife-carrying contest. Finnish culture will now take its rightful place in the world. Hell f**ing yeah.

Back in Silicon Valley

21 April 2006 » Potpourri, Travel, Web development

Wow. You seriously cannot throw a rock in Cupertino, Sunnyvale, or Santa Clara without hitting an IT company office building. I passed countless one story complexes on an ill-fated trip to find a supermarket in the area tonight, and accidentally ended up in an Infinite Loop last night after overshooting the driveway to the place I was going to have dinner.

Update: I’ve added pictures from my trip to Sonoma to the existing California gallery.

Exciting cricket match, I think

09 April 2006 » Potpourri

I would love to understand what’s going on here.

Shahriar Nafees hit his maiden century as Test minnows Bangladesh battered Australia’s bowling attack in Fatullah.

The scorecard isn’t much help either.

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