July 26th

26 July 2005 » Politics

Some light reading for the holiday: 26th of July Movement, “History Will Absolve Me.”

And a nice little audio clip to go with it.

Democracy, Vatican-style

06 April 2005 » Politics

As you might possibly have heard, the Pope passed on this weekend, which has given me some overdue inspiration to look into the peculiar city-state known as the Holy See, or the Vatican City.

Digging in, I discovered a shocking truth about this nation: voter eligibility is “limited to cardinals less than 80 years old.” and the chief of state is elected for life by a body composed of non-citizens (the last election being 26 years ago, no less!). Furthermore, there are no political parties or opposition groups.

I call upon our President to denounce such flagrant disregard for the spirit of democracy, and push for universal suffrage in all nations.

There’s your answer

19 January 2005 » Politics

One of the best headlines I’ve seen in a while.

Poll: Nation split on Bush as uniter or divider

Jon Stewart on “Crossfire”

16 October 2004 » Politics

Jon Stewart put “Crossfire” co-host Tucker Carlson in his place on CNN yesterday afternoon, check out the video or raw transcript.

Tucker has always reminded me of some folks that went to my college. It turns out he is an alumni after all. Egads.

Reagan, DC?

08 June 2004 » Politics

Ronald Reagan died last Saturday. At long last, they can name an airport or an aircraft carrier after him. Oh wait.

Ridiculous new embargo tactic

09 April 2004 » Politics

Injustice is afoot at the Treasury Department. The Department’s Office of Foreign Assets Control has ordered the Center for Cross-Cultural Studies to stop its educational programs in Cuba.

I went to Cuba in 1998 with this group, and I can personally say that chasing the CC-CS is a waste of the Department’s resources – which should be instead used to pursue real terrorists.

Please sign the petition to help reverse the designation.

Not this time

25 February 2004 » Politics, Writing

Not This Time. Ralph, it’s too damn important.

Lots of news

Lots of fun news today. StrongBrain goes semi-production, the CSS Zen Garden continues to rock, the Bush administration admits to its lies about Iraq, and I type my first update on my new computron.

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