Please vote for my OpenStack talk proposals

27 February 2014 » Cloud, Cloud Foundry, OpenStack

I’ve submitted two abstracts for the OpenStack Atlanta conference that happens in May.

The OpenStack project is interesting in that it allows members of the community to weigh in on the topics they’d like to see at the conference.

If you like my presentation topics, please consider voting for them (ideally with 3 stars: “Would Love To See This!”).

To vote, you need to be a member of the OpenStack Foundation. You can join as an individual member for free.

The community review period ends on March 3rd, so please vote today!

IBM forges its new PaaS with Cloud Foundry

29 July 2013 » Cloud, Cloud Foundry, OpenStack

IBM recently announced an open cloud architecture, based on OpenStack at the Infrastructure-as-a-Service (server, storage, and network) level, and on Cloud Foundry at the Platform-as-a-Service (runtime, framework, and database) level.

The partnership follows a fifteen year trend at IBM. This strategy to start with – and contribute back to – open source projects benefits IBM, its customers, and the community itself.

  • By building on top of an existing open source foundation, IBM can focus its efforts on higher level services tailored to specific customers.
  • By generating interest in the technology – and dedicating employees to the open source project – the community and its software is strengthened.

I’m proud to be a part of the work at IBM to build our next generation PaaS on top of Cloud Foundry. We’ve already got 1,000 IBMers running 1,200 apps on it, and we’re growing fast.

As with Apache, Linux, Eclipse, and OpenStack before it, I have have high hopes for Cloud Foundry. It’s good news for IBM customers, and everyone else who can benefit from a free, open source PaaS.

This post is my own and doesn’t necessarily represent IBM’s positions, strategies or opinions.