Images of Cuba now on Flickr

12 March 2009 » History, Media, Photos, Politics, Travel

I just took a few minutes to copy the photos from my time in Cuba over to Flickr.

I spent three weeks in and around Havana while studying abroad after my junior year in college during the summer of 1998.

The scans have long been available at PlayaGirón, but in the recent spirit of freer relationships between the two nations, I figured I’d follow suit and open them up to a broader audience and to tag them, making it easier for folks to find them.

I’ll probably also post the scans of the Cuban stamps that I collected sometime soon.

Best short film ever: Oktapodi

25 February 2009 » Media, Opinion

I hereby nominate Oktapodi the best short film of 2008, or any other year for that matter.

Great title, great characters, great colors, great animation, great plot. All in two measly minutes.

Excellent. See for yourself.

Keith Olbermann rules

25 September 2006 » Media, Politics

NYPHP Conference & Expo 2006

19 June 2006 » Media, PHP, Web development

There has been quite a bit of buzz about Rod Smith’s keynote at last week’s NYPHP Conference & Expo. Rod and his team provided a case study of a situational application built for the National Association of Broadcasters and performed a live demo of how to go about creating a five minute application.

It was pretty interesting stuff, but Rasmus Lerdorf followed with what I found to be an even more impressive mashup that the audience could better relate to. He showed a tool he built for internal use at Yahoo which serves as an corporate Craig’s List of sorts, with hooks to Web services to provide posters with recommended price ranges and stock photos of the item they are selling.

The key enabler in both of these applications is Ajax, as it provides a way to pull in third party Web services to the original Web site transparently.

Another press release that came out during the week was an announcement about the integation of PHP with WebSphere Application Server Community Edition (WAS CE). This is welcome news and means I don’t have to experiment myself. :)

Cancelled cable

06 June 2006 » Cats, Media

I finally bagged my cable subscription. This was easier than it could have been since I use DSL instead of cable for my broadband connection.

I’ve decided that I can get my news via the radio and essential video snippets on the Web. Besides saving some cash, this will give me time to catch up on reading and other hobbies.

Some interesting thoughts on the matter from a fellow quitter.

New York PHP Conference and Expo 2006

02 February 2006 » Media, PHP, Web development

NYPHPCon. Be there, or be sqrt().

The official announcement for NYPHPCon went out yesterday. The three day event in Manhattan has already picked up platinum plus sponsorship with keynotes from IBM and Oracle. The call for papers opens soon.

The initial schedule shows the topics and specific talks for each of the “.org” (technical) and “.com” (business) tracks.

Community radio

14 October 2002 » Community, Media

WBAI, the NYC affiliate of Pacifica Radio and local community radio station, is doing a pledge drive to kick off its new year of programming. You can score some great audio and video recordings of Noam Chomsky, Fidel Castro, Scott Ritter and more with your donation. Listen in at 99.5 FM or stream it over the web.