Zend on IBM private/public clouds at NYPHP

21 June 2012 » Cloud, DB2, IBM, New York PHP, PHP, Zend

Next Tuesday, June 26th, I’ll be speaking at the New York PHP user group about the project I led to bring the Zend Application Fabric onto IBM’s on-premise private cloud rack, PureSystems, and onto IBM’s public cloud, SmartCloud Enterprise.

I’ll describe the Zend Application Fabric for highly available PHP clusters, and show how its topology is supported by scaling and failover policies built into the IBM platform. I’ll also show how it integrates with the DB2 based Database-as-a-Service.

Zend Application Fabric

At the core of the Zend/IBM system is an IBM virtual application pattern (based on the TOSCA standard) that specifies how virtual machines are layed out, which other VMs they should link (or react) to based on life cycle events, and when they should scale up or down.

You will learn how to activate the Zend pattern, customize the topology, set a scaling policy, monitor the infrastructure, tweak the Zend configuration, view IBM elasticity and fault tolerance in action, and perform repeatable deployments using a template.

RSVP now, or make a note to catch the live stream.


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