BlackBerry app for Metro-North schedules

04 May 2011 » BlackBerry, Java, Travel

Well, it took just under two years and quite a bit of marketshare loss, but I found some time to release my long promised native BlackBerry application for Metro-North commuter train schedules.

You can download NYC North Trains for free, over-the-air. I’ve tested it on OS 5 and 6 devices such as the Curve, Style, Storm 2, Bold, Tour and Torch.

Like the simple Web interface I’ve provided for nearly five years, the native app offers an interface to the MTA schedule data optimized for mobile devices.

However, it also offers some features that make the experience quite a bit more convenient for BlackBerry users.

  • Simple schedule selection using BlackBerry dropdowns and date picker
  • The ability to save your preferred origin and destination (and toggle them depending on which way you’re going)
  • Ability to email the schedule results from the device
  • Ability to save a particular departure to your calendar to block your travel time

Of course, this application comes with the standard disclaimer.

Not affiliated with the MTA or the States of New York and Connecticut. This tool uses live information directly from, so schedules are always based on the latest available information. This tool retains no copies of schedule information from the MTA.

Enjoy and let me know what other enhancements you’d like to see.


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  1. Kevin M said,

    12 January 2012 at 10:52 am

    Just downloaded this great app last week and am finding it very useful as I am a person who does not use Metro North regularly. This app allows me access to up to date info in real time enabling me to utilize my time most efficiently. Thanks. Great job.

    Making a donation in gratitude.

    So far my only suggestion, and its a minor one, would be displaying the “Big Board” in color. I am not a developer so I have no idea how hard that might be to implement. Just my two cents. Even without it the app is killer. Also, how about adapting this app for LIRR and NJ Transit? Two other possible markets.