Easter egg in the AIX InfoCenter

01 April 2010 » IBM, Potpourri, System administration

I had to double check the calendar when I first saw this gem in the AIX online documentation yesterday, but it was still March, not yet April first.

AIX 6.1 information > Commands > Categorical list of commands

Purpose: Starts the hunt the wumpus game.
Syntax: wump
Description: A wumpus is a creature living in a cave with many rooms interconnected by tunnels. You move among the rooms trying to shoot the wumpus with an arrow and trying to avoid being eaten by the wumpus or falling into bottomless pits.

As far as I can tell, this command is a hand-me-down from when the System V UNIX-based AIX incorporated bits from BSD.

I suppose this and the other games are still there for those customers using AIX on workstations (rather than bored sysadmins monitoring high-end servers… I hope).


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  1. johng said,

    06 January 2011 at 3:55 pm

    Hand-me-down indeed :-)

    $ man -k game
    back(1) – Starts the backgammon game.
    bj(1) – Starts the blackjack game.
    craps(1) – Starts the craps game.
    fish(1) – Plays the go fish card game.
    hangman(1) – Starts the hangman word-guessing game.
    moo(1) – Starts the number-guessing game.
    ttt(1) – Starts the tic-tac-toe game.
    turnoff(1) – Sets the permission codes off for files in the /usr/games directory.
    turnon(1) – Sets permission codes on for files in the games directory.
    wump(1) – Starts the hunt the wumpus game.

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