Helsinki and Tallinn

19 June 2008 » Photos, Thoughts

I spent some time with the family in Helsinki, Finland and Tallinn, Estonia earlier this week. Gorgeous places, both. Especially under twenty hours of daylight in June.

We’re still in Finland, looking forward to our second wedding party on Midsummer‘s eve this coming Saturday with the family who couldn’t make it to the US last November. :)


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  1. Gerard said,

    22 June 2008 at 3:40 pm

    Hi, Daniel,

    How are you?
    I’m Gerard from the Netherlands and my familyname is Krook too.
    And I just have give it a try to make a website which is specially for the Krook family all over the world.
    I think that there will we a lot of family members who have special skills and possibillities to help each other. So I want to try to make this website to a worldwide meetingplace for all the familymembers.
    I know that our family also comes from skandinavia and more specificly from Sweden.

    But I see that you are better in making websites then I am, so perhaps it is an Idea for you to do such.

    Please let me know, then I will stop it and give you the honour of working the Idea out.


    Do you know a Tjitze Krook in Holland? He has made a complete schema of the Krook family. Perhaps it is interessting for.

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