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19 January 2008 » Cats, Potpourri

I recently dug up the following set of notes for a video Web site I was planning a little over 2 years ago. I brainstormed a bit, but in the days before YouTube, I didn’t think the video encoding, storage or bandwidth needs would be feasible.

I still think it’s a fun idea with a lot of potential. Whether I ever find the time to put it together, I don’t know. In the meantime, enjoy…

Editor’s note: the cats are now six and we all live in a house in Bridgeport, CT.

Between working from home three days a week and moving from a two-bedroom apartment to a studio, I’ve begun to really take notice how often my two cats have at it during the day.

I’m using this site to prove my hypothesis that despite her smaller size, Tarball normally wins the fights. It’s also my belief that Tahoma picks most of the fights.

The contenders
Tahoma and Tarball are a pair of 4 year old siblings that I adopted from New Yorkers for Companion Animals when I lived in Manhattan. Tarball is a 7lb solid black female. Tahoma is an 8lb male tabby. Both hail from Queens, NY. Both now reside in Stamford, CT.

The battles
Most battles only last about 3 minutes, and end when one of the contestants runs away, either out of boredom, hunger, or exhaustion. They never draw blood, and their tails never fluff out, so despite the intensity, no one is hurt and I know they are playing.

It’s my general feeling that Tarball wins these battles, but I’ve come up with a scoring system to confirm that. Since most battles seem to start when both cats are sleeping peacefully (1, 2, 3) on my bed, and one shifts position which annoys the other, I will consider the “ring” to be my full-size bed.

Maneuver Points
Successful swat to face 1pt
Takedown 3pts
Bite to neck 5pts
Out of ring 8pts
Chasing takedown 10pts
Face-kick hold (you know what I’m talking about) 15pts

Result tally
For every given battle, the following information should be tracked for statistical purposes.

Battle information Value
Start of fight ___
Location ___
Duration of fight ___
Winner ___
Points ___

Rate this battle
One to five stars.

Pictures and video
Thumbnails, all time best battles, highlight montages.


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