Introduction to databases for programmers

21 May 2007 » DB2, MySQL, PHP, Web development

Kenneth Downs from Secure Data Software will take us back to basics with his “Introduction to Databases for Programmers” at Tuesday night’s NYPHP meeting:

This May, New York PHP takes a look at a critical, yet often overlooked, aspect of web development. The database is the heart of any system, but it often gets-no-respect by application developers. Join Kenneth Downs as he leads us through the important database concepts for a successful system.

Databases work on principles that are different from programs. Best programming practices, when applied to databases, will produce bad results, and vice versa. In this talk we will look at how databases differ from code (the so-called “impedance mismatch” between code and data), see a brief introduction to normalization, find out what “ACID compliant” means, and see some triggers and stored procedures.

Thanks to IBM for providing a great presentation space with seating for plenty.

There’s still time to submit your RSVP until noon EDT Tuesday, so hop to it.


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