Biblical creationists and the evolution of the bible

25 January 2007 » Potpourri, Writing

A thought occurred to me on my commute to work this morning.

How can it be that the very folks who claim that the Bible is the Word of God to support their claims of Intelligent Design against Evolution cite a document that has itself gone through so many adaptions, translations, and editions?

I probably first thought about it after seeing a special on the History Channel last year called “Who Wrote The Bible?” That episode discussed how and why certain books were shuffled around to comprise the Bible at certain points in the past.

Growing up Lutheran, I suppose I knew that we were always working with a doctored copy but never really understood how fundamentally it had changed.

Anyway, I don’t want to acknowledge that there’s a debate by providing an argument, but I think the irony here might be fun to explore.

Let me meditate on this some more.

Until then, go in peace, serve the pasta.


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