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09 January 2006 » Web development

The (second) BlackBerry I ordered from a fellow off eBay has arrived and this one has actually activated. It was cheaper than the defective one I returned and came with a hands-free headset. Good stuff.

I bought this device to replace the cheapo cell phone I broke over Thanksgiving weekend. I was over the year warranty on it, but not yet up to the end of my two year contract, so I was given the option at the Verizon Wireless store of buying their least expensive entry-level phone at $170, or cancelling my contract and paying a $175 fee. Not much of a choice there, but luckily one of the techs recommended I get a VZW capable phone from someone on eBay. I scored a BlackBerry 7250 for a more reasonable $230 (VZW sells this at retail for $450).

Anyway, it was kind of nice to be without a cell phone for a few weeks, but now I’m hooked. I’ve only tested the Web browser a bit and not yet set up email, but so far so good. Most of the Web sites that I’ve built in XHTML seem to look good, which is nice. A strategy that seems to have paid off is placing important content DIV’s first and placing other less important DIVs later in the physical file, then lining them all up via CSS positioning. More on this later.

I’ve also downloaded the BlackBerry Java IDE and look forward to creating many useless applications in my spare time. I haven’t installed it just yet because it requires Java 5 and I don’t want to mess with anything that might bork how RAD works on my workstation. Probably won’t hurt it but I don’t feel like dealing with that just yet.

Update: Excellent. I just hooked into the IMAP account on my mail server over SSL thanks to these handy wiki instructions. Very glad I didn’t have to set up a procmail forward. Life is good.


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