Zend PHP Certification

03 November 2005 » PHP, Web development

I’ve decided to finally take a stab at the Zend Certified Engineer exam. This exam, similar in concept to the Sun Certified Java Programmer certification, tests core competency in PHP 4.

As with other certifications, my goal with the ZCE testing process is to reinforce my base skills during the study phase as well as to legitimate the experience I’ve picked up in the language over the years on my personal sites as well as on intranet applications at work.

I understand the cynicism of folks who view these tests simply as self-serving shortcuts for those hoping a piece of paper will immediately advance one’s earning potential or career opportunities, but I think the real value of certification is to help the programmer share a common, standardized vocabulary for using the technology with other developers, much as design patterns do for enterprise application development.

Has anyone else taken or thought about taking the exam? Thoughts, comments on it or other certifications in general? What certification would you pursue if cost wasn’t a factor?


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